Eclipse Automation Inc.

Insys Industriesysteme AG

Transmoduls Ltd.

ITE Automation


The Smart Automation Group is a unique collaborative partnership – which includes Eclipse Automation, Insys Industriesysteme AG, Transmoduls Ltd, ITE Automation and Nixma Technology – that provides our customers with worldwide solutions unlike anything on the market today.

Our vision is to collectively disrupt the traditional way of providing custom automation services by bringing together collective best practices, industry IP, experience, and know-how of our member companies, to help our clients grow today and build for tomorrow.

Eclipse Automation is a leading supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment for the Health Sciences, Energy, Transportation, Mining, Industrial/Consumer, and Electronics/Telecommunications industries. Located in Canada and the United States, Eclipse’s diverse knowledge and structured processes enable the company to conceptualize, design, build, integrate, install and service any-sized custom automation.
Insys Industriesysteme AG is a leading Swiss supplier of automation solutions, developing and producing high performance systems that automate assembly, processing and inspection procedures for many different industries, including medical/pharmaceutical, consumer, industrial, electronics and automotive goods. 
ITE Automation Ltd. located in Suzhou, China, was established by Insys Industriesysteme AG, Transmoduls Ltd. and Eclipse Automation Inc, who entered into a long-term international cooperation offering to bring westernized engineering into Asian markets, as well as sales, service and support while maintaining an established presence in all major North American & European markets. The company boasts a 2500 sq. ft facility that offers complete turnkey solutions.
Transmoduls Ltd., located in Hungary, is a full fledged system integrator and assembly automation equipment manufacturer in the automotive, food and electronics industry sectors. The highly skilled, knowledgeable staff at Transmoduls offer cutting-edge solutions for design, machining, industrial automation, quality control machines & measuring systems, material conveying units & systems, engineering support, installation and maintenance.
Nixma Technology, is located in Thailand with headquarters at Pathumthani in the Greater Bangkok area. Their corporate offices also extend into Malaysia and India. Nixma is a leading edge global custom developer, builder and supporter of specialized niche automated manufacturing solutions. From leak detection, rice packing and quality control equipment, to high precision tooling and equipment manufacturing, Nixma’s capabilities are extensive and diverse for a variety of industry sectors.