In its fifth year as premier sponsor, Transmoduls is pleased to announce its support of the Transmoduls Kupa national mid-term ranking competition in beautiful Szeleste and Sárvár, Hungary.

The two-day race, taking place November 17th and 18th,  includes four rounds in complex, living room, individual and national rankings. On day-one the 2.5 mile event kicks-off at the Szeleste Arboretum where competitors will experience terrain with obstacles demanding various levels of agility and fitness. Day-two continues at the Sárvár City Centre where participants will be immersed into a typical urban setting with people, parks, castles, and objects for an additional 2.5 miles. The race promises to be a challenging and outstanding event and Transmoduls is proud to be part of it!

Transmoduls Ltd., located in Hungary,  offers custom integration of automation equipment for the automotive, food and electronics industries. From cutting-edge design and machining, to engineering, installation and maintenance, their highly skilled staff provides innovative end-to-end solutions. Transmoduls is a collaborative partner of the Smart Automation Group, providing custom automation services world-wide.


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