With headquarters in Thailand, NSW Technology evolved from a small local company into a group of companies who develop and build automated manufacturing solutions worldwide. As one-stop integrated solutions gained popularity, so did NSW’s growth, diversification and expertise. With evolution comes rebranding and NSW is pleased to release its name change and collective corporate identity to nixma.

From leak detection, rice packing and quality control equipment, to high precision tooling and equipment manufacturing, nixma’s capabilities are impressive. As a leading edge custom developer, builder and supporter, nixma’s new logo design reflects custom niche solutions (ni) in a variety of manufacturing industries (ma). The collaborative integrated connection is represented by an ‘X’ to signify the wide range of products and services that they provide in the multiple industries they work with. Lastly, the forward pointing arrow symbolizes their vision of ‘thinking forward together.’

For more information on nixma, visit: https://nixma.com/

For more information on the Smart Automation Group, which nixma is part of, visit: https://bit.ly/2xUY1aG