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Automation Specialists Services

Automation Specialist Services is a builder of assembly, inspection and manufacturing machinery located in the Chicagoland area of the United States.  Our decades of experience and total focus on building reliable, cost effective machinery.


Our team has been building custom machinery together for more than 20 years.  Our leads are all 30+ year industry veterans.  We have placed equipment in most industries, including automotive, medical, defence/aerospace, consumer electronics and high-technology.  We use this experience to build the platform best suited to your application, such as lean cells, robotic work cells, indexing dials, precision link, power & free conveyor and many more.


A focus on prototyping and early testing is key to risk reduction. 
By rapidly iterating designs we identify and solve the critical design challenges of each project. Our depth of experience means that we have a vast pool of solutions that we can draw from to support your project.  Our experience also means that we can anticipate product and requirement changes and build contingencies into the design.


Our leadership is intimately involved in designing, building and troubleshooting your system.  We have developed business automation tools and automated reporting structures to permit a flatter organization, keeping procurement and documentation in the hands of the technical team.  In addition to reducing overhead costs this ensures that the engineer who knows a particular station best is the one who controls sourcing, reducing the possibility of errors.