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cts – more.than.automation.

For the company, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Burgkirchen in southern Bavaria, not just a slogan! Over 350 motivated employees at several locations, offer customers in many industries innovative and high-quality solutions.
That's why cts accompanies its customers from the very beginning and, of course, throughout the entire life cycle with comprehensive service and support - more.than.automation!

Electronic Industry: Smart Intralogistic solutions with AMRs and Warehouses

Automation of intralogistics/production logistic processes is a core competence of cts. With various standardized AMR solutions based on different platforms, we ensure the right solution for our customers. Orchestrated by cts Middleware sloXis®, the seamless interaction of different fleets, machines and production lines is ensured.
Needed storage of PCB-Magazines between different production steps is solved with different versions of cts Smart Warehouse – from a small cube to a powerful storage system we provide the right tools to face the customer challenges!

Semiconductor industry: packing and logistics on the next level

Manual packaging of FOUPs and FOSBs are labour and time intensive processes! With the Semiautomatic- and the Fully Automatic Bagging-unit, cts offers a solutions up to a fully automation of the packaging process. Different layouts ensure the prefect solutions for the challenges of the customers in terms of quantity and quality.
With it’s wide experience in intralogistics, cts also provides material logistic solutions for transporting the FOUPs/FOSBs inside the Fab.

Radiopharmaceutical treatments: Fully automated production

In modern tumor research, more and more experiments are being conducted with radioactive substances, which are used to treat various cancers. The production line designed by cts can fill and safely package doses individually tailored for patients.
cts designs, develops, build, validate and install radiopharmaceutical production lines not only in terms of automation but also in terms of process engineering, validation and qualification.