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Suzhou INSYS Smart Automation LTD.: Swiss technology for our global customers

Suzhou INSYS Smart Automation LTD. located in Suzhou Industrial Park near Shanghai is a fully owned INSYS company and a member of the Smart Automation Group (SAG). In close cooperation with our parent company in Switzerland, we offer our customers state-of-the-art technology in automation.

Convincing through quality and innovation

Our high-precision systems are tailored to the needs of our customers all over the world - including increasingly in Asia. Our systems range from manual workstations and semi-automatic machines to fully automatic assembly solutions for the following business segments: automotive, medical technology, semiconductor, electric and electronics, luxury and consumer goods.

International network

Being a member of the Smart Automation Group, development and engineering for construction is passed to the SAG Partner location where the machine finally goes into production. Therefore we are able to offer professional and competitive solutions for your production and assembly processes as well as quality control and validation solutions.

Our mission

Suzhou INSYS Smart Automation LTD. wants to promote the innovative power of its customers in various industries and thus secure qualified jobs. In addition, the focus is on environmentally friendly and CO2-saving solutions, with quality, innovation and reliability being of great importance.