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Automation since 1974

Flexmont Ltd. has been dealing with assembly automation (assembly technology, automation), custom machine manufacturing, and specialized machine construction since 1974. During the past decades, Flexmont Ltd’s assembly technology, automation and individual machine manufacturing activities have undergone continuous development cycles. Today, its main activity is not as a building component manufacturer but as a system integrator.

Our technology

We design, manufacture and service complex assembly technology equipment’s, specialized machines and measuring machines with nearly 100 specialists. The range of equipment ranges from individual machines to complex automatic assembly lines. The design is networked with a 3D design program.

Our products

Within the framework of individual machine production, a significant part of the assembly positions is prepared in manual semi-automatic or automatic mode to automate the assembly processes. These positions typically have their own autonomous PLC control. Their connection to complex assembly systems is usually flexible, which means that the various connections can be made in a short time.

More than an OEM

Flexmont is more than an OEM. We serve our clients in many ways. In recent years, the development of complex solution systems has come to the fore. Thanks to this work, exclusive dealerships have been created that provide additional benefits to our customers. We recently started our new business branch Measurement as a Service. By the help of a well-equipped metrology room, we support our customers with measurements on demand or on regular basis by contract.