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Smart Automation News

Important announcement

Change at the top management of INSYS smart automation®

Markus Schwarz, currently COO of INSYS smart automation® will take over the positon as Managing Director on April 1st, 2020.
The technical management will be taken over by Martin Sterchi, the current head of Software Engineering.
Martin Pfister, will continue as company owner to co-determine the future of INSYS smart automation® and lead the Smart Automation Group
as Group CEO.

Under the new Smart Automation Group logo, the following companies are united on 3 continents:
INSYS Industriesysteme AG - Design and construction of assembly automation, Switzerland and Europe
INSYS Industriesysteme Deutschland GmbH - Sales and Consulting, Germany
Suzhou INSYS smart automation LTD. China - Design and construction of assembly automation, Asia
NIXMA Technology Co., Ltd., Malaysia, Thailand and India – direct Partner of INSYS
FLEXMONT Ltd. - Design and construction of assembly automation, Hungary and neighbouring countries
bfa solutions ltd. - Software and control programming, Switzerland and worldwide
Automation Specialist Services LLC - Turnkey Automation Machinery, USA

The group provides for the business units: Automotive, Medical Technology, Electrical Engineering, Luxury and Consumer Goods with a total turnover of more than 100 million euros, a reliable global network for the development, design and construction of automation and production solutions.


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