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Trial apprenticeship at INSYS smart automation®

INSYS offers a practical insight into the profession of automation technician

Training young professionals in the field of automation is a high-priority task for INSYS. Therefore, we offer apprenticeships for automation and construction. 

Last week, interested young people took the opportunity to participate in a 3-day trial apprenticeship with us to gain a first insight into the diversified profession of an automation technician.
After an introduction by our apprentice supervisor, the three trainees were able to get to know practical work. They actively helped with the realisation of a control for motors with self-retaining for clockwise and anticlockwise rotation, as well as with the soldering of an electronic cube (kit).
From the preparation and labelling of a terminal bar to the assembly of a base plate, the trainees actively worked on one of our ongoing projects.

We are pleased that the young people were enthusiastic about their work. The feedback from the participants was positive and they could well imagine doing an apprenticeship as an automation technician at INSYS.

We wish them all the best for their future professional training!

Trainees f.l.t.r Levin, Sven and Levin with apprentice supervisor Ivan Reist

| INSYS - Switzerland